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TELEVISED is a three-part video series created and produced by Museum Studies students that serve as a time capsule and a reflection of the year 2020. Inspired by the video “Love is The Message…” by the award-winning American artist Arthur Jafa, this exhibition offers a glimpse of what 2020 looks like through our generation’s eyes.

Jafa’s film compiles found footage from various online video-sharing platforms and original footage to weave a portrait of Black American identity that centers the joys and struggles of a people. Similarly, TELEVISED is a patchwork of found and original footage seamed together to reflect raw, unfiltered perspectives from the young artists and thinkers in the Museum Studies department.

We are the future and it is important to see the world from our perspective because it influences the important decisions we will make as adults – decisions that will affect future generations. TELEVISED is designed to inspire you to reflect, question, and learn from recent events. What are your hopes for 2021? After viewing the exhibition, we welcome your response in the comments.


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