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The Ten Minute Musical for Duke Ellington School of the Arts Musical Theatre Elective was developed in 2017 by teaching artist Rosalind White. In an effort to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration amongst students enrolled in the class, as well as present avenues for arts and academic integration in general, students were assigned to choose a subject from a list provided by an academic department chair.

In this featured Ten Minute Musical, ‘Viva La Frida’, students focus a historical figure, provided by the Social Studies department. The subject in the musical presented is noted artist, Frida Kahlo. Students from Dance, Theatre, Technical Design and Production, Visual Arts, Vocal Music, Museum Studies, and Instrumental Music were all involved in the writing, direction, choreography, and production aspects of the presentation.

Below is the full script, as well as the initial ‘Brainstorm’ document created as an outline prior to developing the script. The arts discipline of the students involved has been noted to highlight student collaboration within and outside of their chosen ‘major’ or arts discipline at Ellington.


Download the Brainstorm Activity Musical Theatre_ 10-Minute Musical Project (Brainstorm).pdf 

Download the script VIVA LA FRIDA SCRIPT.pdf


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